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Shock Cord with Toggle

Sometimes, the tarps are required to be fixed upon the places or the vehicles with the shock cord with toggle. These tarp shock cord with toggle are made with 30cm toggle which is attached on each side of the shock cord. Shock cord for sale is fitted with 30cm toggle which can be stretched to 40cm. With the tarp upon side are usually used to fix the scaffold sheeting. A new handy rounded type of toggle is made with a design to fit into the eyelets of the tarp.

Shock cord for sale at our place are made with high standard materials. The toggles at the ends aremade with reusable 2 parts swivel fittings. These shock cords with toggle are made in black, silver or PVC ranges. These shock cord for sale at our place are high quality products. The quality is our main ingredient which is not bargained at any cost. The hot popularity of the shock cord with toggle in UK is due to our high standards of quality.

There are other discounts and bargains which are available to our customers. Price and the quantity discounts can be availed by contacting our marketing team. Upon their approval, the discounts can be provided to you. One more special service is our customer service. We assure it to dispatch the ordered products to your mentioned and given address within the UK within the 24 hour after the receipt of the confirmed order along with the payment.


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