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Shock Cord with Hooks

When you are fixing or applying the tarpaulin, what you need is to fix the tarp with care and with strength. If the tarp is not fixed with upon the place or the vehicle and the object is not covered fully, the main objective of the tarp is lost. Though you may use the tarp fixed upon the place with the grips and snap n eyelets, you must apply those shock cords with hooks as they are elastic in nature and can be hooked on the eyelet. These shock cord with hooks are widely applied while faxing the tarps.

These hooks are made with metal, preferably with the strong and hard blue or black steel and are galvanized in order to save them from the rust, oxidation or wet moist weather. Their grips may be plastic coated of different colors and with ribs to have a strong grip upon them. They the shock cord for sale are available for the use in the luggage racks, to tie the surf boards with the boats in the water.

Elastic shock cord with hooks are a handy elasticated fixing option, whereby the tie can be directly hooked onto an eyelet on your tarpaulin. These UV coated and abrasion-resistant These hook-ties are also popular for use on luggage racks, to tie down surf boards, places, the products stored in the air and the luggage vehicles. They are made with UV and abrasion-resistant and strong grips. These hooks are attached upon both the sides of the bungee and is available in different lengths and sizes. You can buy shock cord with hooks at reasonable rates from us where we ensure that the best quality shock cords are supplied.


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