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Shock Cord Fixings

Bungee cords are the ones which are made from special type of elastic materials which can stretch easily without getting damaged and when the tension is released, it can get back to its original positions easily. These bungee cords can also be used along with shock absorbers to absorb different kind of shocks without effecting the object to which they are attached.

The shock cord fixings are usually made on the floors or roofs of places and then the bungee cords are attached to it. The fixings must be made of heavy duty materials and able to withstand heavy weights without getting damaged. You can also choose to have the shock cord fixings made from steel materials in addition to the regular metal fixings. The shock cord fittings has special grip to which the bungee cords are attached and they can easily be removed if, needed. You can also choose the plastic shock cord fixings which can be used to attach cords which are not expected to get too much tension. The shock cord fittings are available in different types where you may choose the autolocking and easyfix hook.

We are the shock cord fixings UK supplier who can supply the shock cord fittings at desirable rates where we ensure that the best quality cords are supplied. You can also get the ordered shock cord fittings delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the United Kingdom.


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