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Shock Cord - 50m Reels

Bungee cords are offered by us in the form of reels which can have the bongee cords of up 50m length. These shock cord 50m reels are supplied in different colors where different sizes are also offered. You can choose your desired kind of shock cords by opting between different colors.

The shock cords are usually used at places where you want to attach objects to each other to some other item but, also want them to have elasticity between them so that they won’t break or get damaged even when the tension is increased between them when they are moved far away from each other. The bungee shock cords are available in different reels on which they are wound to ensure that they can be easily unwound when needed.

We offer the high quality polypropylene shock card 50m reels which are durable and can withstand heavy weights without snapping in pieces. You may also choose the shock cord 50m reels in colors like red, green, blue and more. The shock cord 50m reels for sale can be bought from us at competitive rates where we make sure that you get the best quality cords while keeping the per unit price to minimum. You may also get the ordered shock cords delivered to your mentioned location in the United Kingdom.


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