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Shock Cord - 100m Reels

If you are looking to buy the shock cords which can be used for multiple purposes and they variable lengths then the shock cord 100m reels offered by us are ideal for you. We offer multi lengths UV protective shock cords which can be attached to any surface of your desire.

The shock cord 100m reels for sale can be bough from us at reasonable rates where we ensure that the cords have the best quality. We offer different colors for the shock cords where including the green, red, blue and white.

You can also choose the shock cord 100m reels in your desired lengths by ordering them where we will ensure that you can get your desired length. These cords are usually made from heavy duty elastic materials which can stretch to your desired length without getting damaged and then get back to original shape. The usage of heavy duty materials ensure that the shock cords can last much long.


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    Price: £65.56 (Excl. VAT)