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Ball Bungees - 20cm

Ball bungee 20cm is a popular method and mechanism to keep the tarpaulin in control and fixed while the tarpaulin is not fixed and is flexible position. The ball bungees 20 cm are applied to keep the pass the cord from the eyelets at the corners and sidelines of the tarp where the balls fixes in the eyelets while the other side of the cord is attached to a place where it is fixed. So, the tarp is in loose position but still fixed. 

We have a full range of the ball bungees where two types of ball bungees are available in black and white colors. The ball bungees 20cm for sale at our place are available in differing packs and sizes. The ball bungees 20cm are made with the 20 cm but when it is applied to the tarp and stretched, it increases to the 40 cm.

The basic strength of the ball bungees 20cm UK is their quality to tolerate the stretch and pressure. The high-quality ball bungees of 20cm, available at our place, are made with the international standards and are popular and widely sold and used in the UK market. The main strength of the ball bungees is the quality which is not bargained by us at any cost. We have other discounts and bargains, which are offered to purchasers. The rice and quantity discount are two most popular discounts which are available and you may contact our marketing team for the details.

  1. High Quality Heavy Duty Black Ball Bungees 20cm

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