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Shock Cord with Toggle

Shock cord with toggle is a rope which is used to fasten the tarpaulin, tightly, upon the place or the vehicle to protect the place from any of the damaging environments. As the name, shock cord suggests, these rapes or cords are so strong that the they can resist any shocking air or the pressure. Shock cord with toggle on one side or both sides is used to make the tarpaulin protect any of the place of vehicles so tightly that there must not be any gap available at the sides of the tarpaulin. It may be used to fasten the scaffold sheeting and to keep the tarpaulin under the control from the fast wind or the heavy rain fall, moist, wet season or the environmental population.

Different lengths and diameter is made for the shack cord for sale. The different diameters of the eyelets can be used to tie the cord with the help of the toggles. But, we offer the different sizes of the shock cord for sale which may fit, strongly, with the tarpaulin.

The toggle made by us is a basically a useable swivel fixing cord which is made as per the demand of UK market. That’s the reason; our shock cords with toggle are popular in the market and are demanded widely. The specific cause of popularity of our cord and other products about the tarpaulin is our high standards of quality. Quality is our main and basic ingredient which is not bargained at any cost.


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