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Shock Cord with Hooks

Sometimes, due to the heavy windy weather and speed of air, the tarpaulin is difficult to place on the target. In such situations, the built-in eyelets, snap n eyelets and cords are not workable. The Grip may do a limited job to keep the tarpaulin in place. In this situation, special type of cord is needed which should have hooks on the both sides of the cord to clap with each other. Shock cord with hooks is such a cord, which is available at our place for sale. This shock cord for sale with hooks is our hot popular product which is sold around the UK market with great demand.

These shock cord with hook ties are used, globally, to tie the luggage, to tie down surfing boards for the players, for the general-purpose tarpaulins on places and the upon the vehicles. There are two types of hooks which are in general use; one is made with UV polycarbonate materials which are abrasion resistant in nature but are fitted with plastic coated metal hooks on both sides. These hooks are plastic coated or galvanized in order to save them from moist environment, the rainfall, the wet season or other such environment. 

We suggest to buy shock cord with hooks with the tarpaulin which have hooks upon each side. Typically, these hooks are made with very strong blue or black steel in order to resist heavy load and pressure upon them. Our cord with hooks is popular due to the high standard of quality which is not bargained at any cost.


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