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Hessian Roll

Hessian is a canvas or a part of the sacking. This is also called jute or burlap. This fabricated material has many uses in the daily and industrial processes. One of the many uses of the hessian roll is in the building or construction works where the hessian is applied to protect the brickwork, concrete or ferro-concrete from the frost and chilly snows. Roll of hessian is, particularly, used when the mortar is necessary to allow carbonation process. On the other hand, the building constructors buy hessian roll to provide the necessary wetness to slow down the drying process.

Roll of hessian fabric for the industrial and commercial usage is available at our place for specific usage in harsh summer or chilly winter weathers, depending upon the requirements of the builders. Sometimes, the hessian is used for the decoration purposes while in the gardening, the importance is there to keep the tiny plants from the dryness and to provide the necessary wet weather like conditions and to protect then plants as well. In the smaller areas of the water drains, it is used for the erosion control of the ground.

The roll of hessian fabric is available in different sizes, lengths, widths and thickness. This hessian is provided in rolls of differing sizes. The particular benefit of the hessian depends upon the standard quality. What we provide is; a very high quality which is hotly popular in the UK market. Quality is our one ingredient which is not bargained upon any cost.

  1. Eco Friendly High Quality Natural Hessian Roll 200gsm

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    Price: £109.27 (Excl. VAT)

  2. High Quality Natural Hessian Roll 200gsm

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    Price: £114.74 (Excl. VAT)